The original Audi Quattro competition car debuted in 1980, first as a development car, and then on a formal basis in the 1980 Jänner Rallye in Austria. Largely based on the bodyshell of the road-going Quattro models (in contrast to the forthcoming Group B cars), the engine of the original competition version produced approximately 304 PS (224 kW; 300 hp).


In 1981Michèle Mouton became the first female driver to win a world championship rally, piloting an Audi Quattro.[4] Over the next three years, Audi would introduce the A1 and A2 evolutions of the Quattro in response to the new Group B rules, raising the power output of the turbocharged inline 5-cylinder engine to around 355 PS (261 kW; 350 hp).


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Information for Oil 

- Engine oil - Motul 5W50 Ester Core Synthetic,
- Gearbox oil - Millers 75w90 LS,
- Differential oil 75w140 LS,
- Break Fluid - Motul RBF660