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The Series 4 was launched at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1987 and received a significant exterior facelift by the car's original designer William Towns.

The car's sharp edges were rounded off and the pop-up headlights were eliminated, with a new arrangement of triple headlights on each side of the grille being the most obvious alteration, along with the removal of the side swage line (or character line) and the introduction of 16-inch wheels.

With production of around one car per week, 105 Series 4 cars were manufactured. The last car was produced during January 1990.

In their day, Lagondas were the darlings of the nouveau riche, pop stars and Arab sheiks, who were inclined to colors like candy apple red with a lime green vinyl top, white puffy leather inside, and gold-plated mag wheels. At least the sheiks could cope with 8 mpg. Some thought the cars were vulgar, and they remain divisive automobiles even today. A total of 645 Aston Martin Lagondas were sold in about 11 years, but a small percentage of those are roadworthy today. The very best cars, with full provenance and all records are absolutely the ones to buy, as deferred maintenance and general neglect will likely make for more headache than it’s worth.

Original cost was $179,000 in 1988

81 remain registered in the United Kingdom as of 2011, down only slightly from 94 in 1994, but 32 of the surviving examples are.

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