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Stunning in every regard, our featured 1908 Columbia Mark LXX Victoria Phaeton is one of the finest of its kind extant and a marvelous example of an early American electric vehicle. This car was formerly part of the renowned Cedar Crossing Collection of James and Deborah Cousens. The Cousens’ once owned the world’s premier collection of significant early electric automobiles.

James acquired this rare Columbia in an original and complete state, and then commissioned a full, ground-up, nut-and-bolt restoration finished to the highest standard. An interior designer by profession, Mr. Cousens applied his keen sense of style to this Columbia. The body features beautifully finished medium olive green paint, accented with furniture-grade blonde colored woodwork, black leather mudguards, and the proud Columbia logo emblazoned across the cowl in gold leaf. Details include a pair of nickel-plated Devoursney Bros. carriage lamps, single tail light, and exquisite nickel and brass body fittings.​

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