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Cascadia 113


Freightliner Cascadia is a heavy-duty semi-trailer truck and the flagship model of Freightliner. Its design took fuel efficiency into great consideration, As well as having improved upon several other features including the powertrain offerings, sound mitigation, safety systems, and overall mechanical reliability from its predecessors.

It is offered in three basic configurations: Day Cab, Mid-Roof XT, and Raised Roof. The latter two models are sleeper cabs, offered in various lengths ranging from 48" to 72" inches (Raised Roof models 60” or 72” lengths only).

The Cascadia was sold chiefly in North America until 2020, when an export, primarily geared towards the Australian and New Zealand markets, was introduced.[1] Prior to the introduction of the export variant, its place remained occupied by the Freightliner Century (no longer in US production) for export markets.

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