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21 Windows Samba


The Volkswagen Samba, in the United States marketed as the Sunroof Deluxe, was the most luxurious version of the T1. Volkswagen started producing Sambas in 1951.

In the US Volkswagen vans were informally identified by the window count. This particular model had 23 and later 21 windows including eight high windows in the roof. The 23 window variant also had curved windows in the rear corners. To distinguish it from the normal Volkswagen van, the name Samba was coined.

The Samba had bi-parting doors in lieu of a sliding door, and could be ordered with a large fabric sunroof. Volkswagen advertised the Samba for making tourist trips through the Alps.

Standard paint finishes on the Samba were two-tone, usually with the upper bodywork in white. The lower bodywork carried a contrasting color, the areas separated by a decorative strip. The roof carried slightly forward of the windshield at the front, creating an integral visor. The windows had chrome tables and the van had a more comprehensive dashboard than the normal T1.

When Volkswagen started producing the successor of the T1 (the T2) the company also stopped producing the Samba, ending the Samba and the concept of a van with such a high window count.

Ground-up restoration completed in December 2020
Factory 13-window bus restored as a 21-window model
New rare Mouse Gray paint
Walk-through bus
Less than 500 miles since restoration
New interior
New Coker tires
New 4-wheel disc brakes
New adjustable front beam from Old Speed Downey, California
Bernie Bergman 2332cc engine
Rancho Tranaxle fullerton pro street 388 Freeway Flyer transmission
Mechanical work done by Roth Vintage Orange, CA
Design and finish work done by Vintage Classic Specialist VW Orange, CA
NOS European headlights, fog lights and window glass

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